Welcome to Nonce Pub. Mirian Webster defines a nonce as an adjective which is used or made only once or for a special occasion. We find that a simple world in a special occasion goes a long way. You’ll see smiles you many others have never seen by just trying to say hello in a new language when you visit another culture. Learn a few simple words for those special encounters.

Below is a simple graphic from LivingLanguage.com that will get you started.

Hello World in 21 Languages

With all that simple fun, you are probably wondering what this blog will become. Well, simply put this is just a blog for travelers that want to learn some simple language. We are not going to teach you a new language but instead share some motivation as to why a couple simple words, placed in just the right context can bridge cultural gaps.

I remember wandering through a hardware store in Germany. I couldn’t find the part I needed and attempted to ask for help. My German was so bad that I started asking if the person spoke English before I even said hello. I learned at that point that I need to say hi and give the language a chance. With that tiny bit of effort, the person I attempted to speak with often times worked with me to help me out. There was often times a friendly smile included or maybe it was a smile of laughter because I butchered the language so badly. But either way, the smile was there and my new German friends appreciated my efforts.

Make someone smile today by saying hello in a language that they can appreciate.